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Friday, 4 December 2015

Closure of Adobe Revel

It appears that Adobe is concentrating resources on Lightroom Mobile which successfully synchronizes photos on desktop computers with most IOS and Android devices and with Lightroom web.

This is a copy of the message I received from the Adobe Revel team.

Click to enlarge

The exclusion of Revel from PSE14 was probably the signal and paying subscribers have not been billed recently by Adobe, meaning they have had some free time. Revel is closing in February 2016. Clearly changes may be required by those using Organizer mobile albums in conjunction with the Photoshop & Premiere Elements Editor Apps. However for those choosing to subscribe to the Creative Cloud Photography Plan; Adobe tells us that the conversion of Elements catalogs into Lightroom catalogs has been improved. 

Those users with annual subscriptions will receive automatic refunds from Adobe unless they originally purchased from the app store. In which case, Apple will be responsible for refunds. 

Those who used Revel for backing up their photos may have to wait or find an alternative. We understand Adobe is planning a Creative Cloud backup facility; so watch this space. 

Presumably pricing for storage will be highly competitive for Creative Cloud subscribers bearing in mind the generous free offerings from Google/Microsoft Drive and Apple’s iCloud.

Actions required

1. Download your images from Revel unless you already have your originals on your computer or an external hard drive.

2. Subscribe to the Creative Cloud Photography Plan (optional)

3. Download the Lightroom Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play

Move from Revel to the Creative Cloud Photography Plan - click link below:
More power and possibility

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