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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Adobe Launches Lightroom Mobile 2.1

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This new version adds a bunch of new features, including:

-iPad Pro support and support for iOS 9’s multitasking capabilities

-Point Curve mode for the Tone Curve and the Split Tone adjustments tool

-Support for 3D touch and a new widget to launch the Adobe built-in camera from the iOS -Notification Center

-New shoot-through presets in the Adobe built-in camera, and more.

From Adobe

“We are constantly working to make Lightroom for mobile more and more powerful, and this update adds in both the Point Curve mode for the Tone Curve tool, as well as the Split Toning adjustment tool. With the Point Curve mode, you can have full control over the curve, as well as direct access to each of the color channels. This level of control previously has only been available in our desktop apps, so we’re pretty excited that now you can really tweak your images anywhere. The Split Toning tool makes it possible to add a different tint or tone to both the highlights and shadows of your photo. This effect is great both creating artistic and stylistic enhancements with color photos, something that we’ve seen become a lot more popular recently, or to recreate an effect that was more traditionally used in black and white photography.

Lightroom for iOS 2.1 also adds a Notification Center widget that lets you quickly open the camera found within Lightroom for mobile. A new feature lets you preview and capture images in real-time with a preset applied. These presets take full advantage of the full processing abilities of Lightroom and apply their enhancements non-destructively. This means you can see what your photo will look like with the preset applied before you capture it.”

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