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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Setting up Photoshop Elements 14 as an External Editor

Instructions for Windows & Mac OSX

External Editing from iPhoto on the Mac

Have you set up correctly in iPhoto prefs? 

Some user make the mistake of selecting Adobe Photoshop Elements but it’s important to open the Support Files folder to select the Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor App.

When you go to the general tab in iPhoto Prefs and choose “Edit photo in application” you must navigate to, and choose the actual app in the Support Files folder – see image below.

External Editing from Lightroom

From the Lightroom Library go to:
Edit >> Preferences >> External Editing (tab) Windows
Lightroom >> Preferences >> External Editing (tab) Mac OSX

Click image to enlarge

If the Elements Editor is not automatically recognized in the top section of the Lightroom prefs dialog or another application is shown, go to "Additional" In the section for additional external editors, click the choose button and navigate to:


Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 14

Inside the Photoshop Elements 14 folder scroll down to the items beginning with the letter P and choose the application PhotoshopElementsEditor then click OK. Close and re-start Lightroom.

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Applications\Adobe Photoshop Elements 14\Support Files

Inside the Support Files folder choose Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor. Quit and re-launch Lightroom – see image below.

PSE14 Editor Mac Location.png 

In addition to the above, change the preference settings in the PSE Editor to ensure your work is saved by overwriting the open file. Go to:
Edit >> Preferences >> Saving Files (Windows)
Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor >> Preferences >> Saving Files (Mac OSX)

Change the drop-down list to read “Save Over Current File”

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Round Trip from Lightroom
1.Right-click (control-click) on thumbnail in Library and choose Edit In >> Edit In Photoshop Elements Editor – or use the top Photo menu

2.When editing in Elements is complete use Save (not Save As) Ctrl+S or Cmd+S

3.Close file in Editor work space to update Lightroom thumbnail Ctrl+W or Cmd+W


  1. This is a good description of taking photos from LR to PSE for editing, but not of opening the whole catalogue in PSE on a permanent basis and leaving it there on a permanent basis.

    1. Yes sorry it’s not possible. Adobe makes it possible to import an Elements catalog into Lightroom but there seems little demand to go from Lightroom to Organizer.