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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Student Creativity with Chromebook

The popularity of Chromebooks in the classroom has exploded, and Adobe has announced that in the coming weeks, six updated Android applications will be optimized for Chromebooks.

Users with Chromebooks that support Play Store apps will be able to download these apps from the Google Play Store as part of the beta that Google just released. These Creative Cloud apps will be free to download and use.

The apps available in the coming weeks are:

Photoshop Mix
Lightroom Mobile
Illustrator Draw
Photoshop Sketch
Adobe Comp CC
Creative Cloud Mobile

Optimizations to these apps to take advantage of Chromebooks’ unique benefits, including: faster load time, optimizing the apps for Chromebook screen size, enabling the Escape key and the Back button, Chromebook camera support, and adding selected keyboard shortcuts.

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