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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lightroom Mobile for Android Update

Lightroom 2.0.1 for Android adds in a number of new, important features, including:

An in-app camera, supporting the capture of images in DNG raw format. This is unique to Android devices where DNG support is built into the operating system

Shoot-through presets, also available within the in-app camera, enabling previewing and capturing images with a series of built-in presets providing non-destructive editing

Dehaze tool to adjust haze and fog in an image

Split Toning enhancement, enabling the addition of a color cast to the highlights and shadows of an image, creating a uniquely stylized color image or replicating the look and feel of a traditional toned black and white image

Target Adjustment Tool functionality in the Color/B&W editing tool, providing direct, on-image editing controls

Point mode in Curve tool providing complete control over the tonality and contrast of an image

Enhanced sharing with one-tap access to Adobe Premiere Clip for crafting video stories.

Adobe's Russell Brown demonstrates DNG on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Click to play video


Adobe worked with world-renowned travel photographer Colby Brown to test and use the latest version of Lightroom for Android on his Nexus 6P. Check out his blog post to read his take on working in a full raw end-to-end workflow.



  1. A user writes: "Photos are not syncing from my Galaxy Note 5 and even though the phone camera is set to Pro I’m still getting jpeg’s instead of raw."


    I have my camera folder set to auto-import and sync works each time I take a new photo. Check your folders panel in the LR desktop application to see if a new Samsung tab with imported photos has been created. You often get several, but they can consolidated in Lightroom preferences.
    For DNG support the Camera2 API has to be enabled in the latest version of Lollipop.
    Ensure you are on LR Mobile v2.0.1. and also try the camera app built into LR mobile.

  2. How can I check if my device has Camera2 api features implemented or not?

    I've tried the auto-import function but it only imports the JPEG version of the file, not the RAW.

  3. Hi Pearl, have you tried using the built in camera within the latest version of LR mobile? Otherwise you probably need advice from Samsung as it’s still an evolving technology. I believe it may need some manual camera set up or different sensor setting. Sorry I can’t offer any more help.

  4. Glad to hear you found a fix, downloading the Camera FV-5 app.

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