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Monday, 12 February 2018

Adobe Announces Lightroom CC 1.2 & Lightroom Classic 7.2

Since the introduction of the Tone Curve and Split Toning panels in Lightroom CC 1.1 this release provides new camera and lens support together with bug fixes and tweaks to enhance performance.

One new feature, which has been requested by many customers, gives the ability to add copyright information to a batch of photos during import. This can be enabled in preferences.

Some people have asked for a keyword list for the tags they add themselves and it has actually been available in the previous version. I thought it would be useful to point it out here for those who have not discovered this feature. It can be accessed from the filter menu bar and used to search all photos or a selected album.

For full details of the update to Lightroom CC 1.2 please visit the link below. The application can be updated from the Apps Tab in Creative Cloud desktop.

Lighroom Classic

Concurrently with the release of Lightroom CC 1.2 Adobe has also released version 7.2 of Lightroom Classic.

Many of us saw a performance boost in Lighroom Classic CC 7.1 in comparison with Lightroom CC (2015) More incremental improvements have been made to performance in this 7.2 version with a focus on batch processing and intensive merge operations. You may have seen some benchmarking from the press outlets that were given access to the early release builds. I have certainly seen a big improvement in exporting batches of images, compared with version 7.1 which saw a slowdown over time with each subsequent export batch. I have found that we now have a consistency of speed with no apparent slowdown. Adobe tells us more performance improvements are in the pipeline after v7.2 

I’ve seen the metrics produced by DP-Review, Peta Pixel, F.Stoppers and Puget Systems. The latter has carried out some in depth CPU comparisons including Intel i7, i9 and AMD Threadripper and on multi-core set-ups ranging from 6 core to 16 core. Where the focus is mainly on editing and not batch processing Puget recommend a six core i7 8700k for best overall performance. An investment in a higher spec machine could benefit those with tight deadlines such as wedding, press and sports shooters where import, export and preview generation speeds are more critical.


Adobe has also updated the mobile apps today by releasing Lightroom CC 3.3 - for Android - and Lightroom CC 3.1.1 for iOS. I’m loving the ability on Android to use the Google assistant for voice search.



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