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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

New Release of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

The new features and improvements follow four main themes:

Response to major customer requests
Integration with Adobe Photography eco system
Lowering leaning barriers; notably for new customers
Support for new technologies

-          Improved management of brush presets
-          Improved brush stroke smoothing with less need to use plug-ins
-          New curvature pen tool
-          Integration of Lightroom Photos
-          New Learn panel for beginners
-          Rich tool tips
-          Import & edit 360 panoramas
-          Variable font support including width and weight
-          Deep learning (technology preview) available when upscaling images
-          HEIF support
-          24 new free Photoshop templates
-          Improved accuracy of Refine Edge tool in Select & Mask
-          Improved deep learning face detection in Face Aware Liquify
-          Quick Share
-          New Symmetry Painting for repeating patterns and designs

The information above is not an exhaustive list. Please visit the Photoshop blog for more information.

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