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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Adobe Releases Lightroom CC 2015.8

The latest update to Lightroom includes support for new cameras and lens profiles and adds the tethering capability for the recently released Canon 5d mk iv.

Lightroom CC 2015 should be updated from the Apps tab in Creative Cloud desktop. LR6 can be updated after launch from the Help menu. In case of difficulty, direct downloads are available.

New Features

Reference View

-You can now display two images in the Develop module at the same time - a static “reference” photo together within an editable active photo.
-To get started with Reference View, select two photos and choose Photo >> Open
in Reference View (Shift+R)
-The window layout can be toggled between left/right (portrait orientation) and top/bottom (landscape orientation) via an icon in the toolbar.

The reference photo can also be selected from the context menu, using right-click (control-click) and the active window can be quickly changed by clicking images in the film strip. The reference image can also be locked making it possible to return to the library grid to select an active image from any source folder/collection.

Reference View can be useful for any image editing work that calls for visually matching the look/feel/characteristics of a reference or control photo. Some practical use cases for
Reference View include:

-Determining White Balance consistency
-Matching the look of a given photo for preset creation
-Balancing image attributes across photos that will be used together in a layout or presentation
-Comparing and fine-tuning applied Camera Matching profiles to the look of camera generated JPG files
-Editing a virtual copy e.g. a black & white version using the color image as a reference point to adjust the HSL sliders.

Images With Snapshots
It is now possible to filter all images that have snapshots or to use that criterion for smart collections.

Performance Improvement

-File Move performance has been improved.
-Backup performance to NAS has been improved. 

See the Adobe Lightroom journal for all feature and performance improvements.

In conjunction with the Lightroom update, version 2.6 of Lightroom Mobile for iOS devices is also available together with new raw support for Android version 2.2.

New edit experience
New Info panel, where you can change the Title, Caption, and Copyright of each image
New capture experience with pro mode, providing control over shutter speed, ISO, and focus

Long tap with one finger for before/after is now enabled in the loupe.

New capture experience with pro mode, providing control over shutter speed, ISO, and focus

Support for new cameras and lenses provided in the ACR 9.8 update

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