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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 15

Adobe has launched Photoshop Elements 15 today. It includes several new tools and features in both Organizer and the Editor, which I think makes version 15 a worthwhile upgrade.

As usual, the combo (Photo & Video Editors) offers best value, when Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements is purchased together.

Elements Editor

New Guided Edits:

Effect Collage


Photo Text

Speed Pan

Frame Maker

Other Editing Tools: 

Perspective Crop

Adjust Facial Features

Many other enhancements & fixes

Elements Organizer

In the Organizer, Adobe has introduced Smart Tags, based upon their preview technology seen in Lightroom Mobile Web. In PSE15 this is taken one step further adding greater functionality to the catalog. This technology cleverly uses compositional and other information to automatically tag images, vastly increasing search options, even where users have added no keywords of their own.

Other New Features

Revamped search
Enhanced instant fix and multi-image instant fix
Watch folder enhancements
Facebook workflow enhanced 
APD fix

For full details of all the new features and step by step tutorials click the link below: