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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Lightroom Mobile Updates - July 2016

Adobe has announced Lightroom Mobile 2.4 iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro

New features include 

Linear and Radial Selections
Raw Technology Previews

The selective adjustments are similar to the graduated filter and radial filter in the Lightroom desktop application.

The only drawback importing large raw files is that they must first be imported to the Photos App. At present Apple does not permit this to be bypassed meaning more storage space is utilised, until files are deleted from the Photos App.  

But it's good to see Adobe continuing to focus on a full photography workflow from mobile devices. More details here:

Lightroom for iOS 2.4


Lightroom for Android 2.1 continues to enhance DNG raw capture for Android supported devices. The built-in camera has a new Pro mode that lets you control the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus all manually, in a brand new interface.

The selective adjustment tools introduced in the iOS version are expected to become available shortly. More details here:

Lightroom for Android 2.1

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