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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Adobe Announces the Release of Photoshop CC 2015.5

Adobe has announced today the release a new version of Photoshop which is being called Photoshop CC 2015.5

This is a full program release following the last update (Photoshop CC 2015.1.2) in January 2016 but your saved preferences can be transferred during installation. The update will remove the previous version. Adobe says that app download speeds have been improved by 65% on average and overall performance improvements should be noticeable. It’s basically doing a lot more in parallel (instead of serial) plus general speed improvements to workflow.

Headline New Features

Selection & Masking Space with a new onion skin view as well as the usual backgrounds in white, black etc. and a transparency tolerance slider. The Selection & Masking Space incorporates the previous refine edge feature. The new dialog will do everything that was possible with refine edge and more, notably the ability to extract really fine detail.

Content Aware Crop – with a new algorithm to replace pixels that would otherwise be discarded; producing much better results than the manual content aware fill.

Match Font – is a great aid to design. Drag the rectangular marquee over any font in any image to find similar fonts installed on the system or available from Adobe Typekit.

Face Aware Liquify – a touch friendly feature for portrait re-touching. With a dialog similar to some of the filters like Iris Blur this tool will automatically recognize facial features.

Improvements to some of the best loved recent features; to make them even more powerful and intuitive to use including:

-          Export As

-          CC Libraries

-          Artboards

Other Improvements

Greater integration with Adobe Stock.

New preference to use the legacy Healing Brush.

Improved brush performance.

Plugins - no need to re-install most 3rd party plugins following Adobe’s collaboration with developers to establish a new database single location. However I had to run the installer again for Nik Collection; so this is obviously work in progress for Adobe.

Many other tweaks and improvements, too many to list here – visit the Creative Cloud Blog to find out more and watch other videos.

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