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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lightroom Update Versions 6.4 and CC 2015.4

A new iteration of Lightroom has been rolled out today including some new features for subscribers.

Boundary Warp

The Photomerge Panorama process often produces a stitched panorama that is not rectangular, requiring some cropping or sending into Photoshop to use the content aware function. The new Boundary Warp feature in LR CC 2015.4 (not LR 6.4) uses an analysis of the edges of the panorama and warps the image so that it is rectangular and doesn’t require cropping.

Watch Boundary Warp Video Tutorials

LR Mobile Prefs

The latest update to LR CC 2015.4 now gives the ability to specify regular folders in LR desktop.

In the past auto-import from Camera Roll on a phone or tablet automatically copied jpeg images into LR desktop but these photos were stored in a .lrdata file. Moving them into regular folders required manually moving them using the folders panel.

The new functionality can be found in preferences:

Edit >> Preferences >> Lightroom Mobile (tab) on Windows

Lightroom >> Preferences >> Lightroom Mobile (tab) on Mac

You can now choose a folder location and also choose dated sub folders, if required.

Performance Improvements – LR CC 2015.4 & LR 6.4

  • The panorama merging process is said to complete roughly twice as fast as Lightroom 6.3
  • Thumbnails update more quickly when copying and pasting settings or using Sync
  • Improved quality when applying Auto Straighten and Upright “Level” mode
  • Preview images load faster in the Library module when zoomed in 

Update to LR CC 2015.4 from the Apps Tab in Creative Cloud
Update to LR 6.4 from the LR Help Menu

Or use one of the direct download links.

Direct Download: Windows | Mac
New camera support, lens profiles and bug fixes are included in this update. Full details can be found at:

Adobe Lightroom Journal


  1. I just did the most recent update and still do not have the 'dehaze' slider

    1. Adobe only provides new features to CC subscribers although those who have purchased the stand alone version of LR6 will continue to receive camera raw updates for new camera models and bug fixes. There have been a number of new features since the first introduction of LR CC 2015LR6 which are not available in LR6:

      -Addition of Dehaze tool in Effects
      -Addition of Whites & Black sliders to selective adjustment tools
      -Addition of Dehaze slider to selective adjustment tools
      -Addition of Boundary Warp for Panoramas

      The benefit of a CC subscription is that you will receive these new features as soon as they become available, without having to wait for LR7, LR8 etc. The replacement cycle in the past has been around two years. As far as I know Adobe intends to continue the stand alone version; so you should be able to get these features by paying to upgrade to LR7, whenever it becomes available.