Thursday, 3 October 2019

How to Install Photoshop Elements 2020


Adobe has introduced a new light weight installer which is very easy to use.
I’ve found it to be a very impressive installer application, which downloaded at lightning speed. 

Simply double-clicking the exe (Application) file in the downloads folder starts and completes the installation in the usual way. No unzipping (extracting) necessary, or searching for setup folders.

Mac OS

It’s the same on Mac OS, Open the download and double-click the application. You may get prompted to authorize an installation of an app downloaded from the net.

Sign-in with your Adobe ID, choose Windows or Mac and your preferred language and click the download now button.  

After clicking the above link, ensure you click the pull down menu to select a version from the list, otherwise download won't start. 


  1. Unable to download 30 Day Free Trial. Have have tried several times unsuccessfully!

  2. Ensure you select a version from the pull-down list.


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